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Lambkin Hybrid Christmas Melon Seeds

  • Lambkin Hybrid Christmas Melon Seeds

Product Description

Lambkin Hybrid Christmas Melon Seeds

.25 Gram Packet: approx seed count=12

The Christmas Melon (or Piel de Sapo melon) is an oval melon with a blotchy green rind. The fruits grow up to 4 pounds and have sweet white flesh that is very juicy. Can be stored longer than most melons. The Lambkin Hybrid is an All-American Selections winner.

  • Cucumis melo
  • 96% Germination rate
  • 65-75days from plant until harvest
  • 99% Pure
  • Country of Origin: USA
Planting instructions:Plant Lambkin melon seeds only after soil has warmed. Placing seeds in cold soil may cause them to rot. Best in fertile soil.

Care:Be sure Lambkin plant stays well watered through warm times. Elevate melons or place barrier between melons and damp ground to protect them.

Harvesting: Cut Lambkin melons off vine carefully with a knife to prevent damage.

Nutritional Value:Great source of vitamins A and C

Collecting Seed: Wait until the vine attached to melon has dried, then remove Lambkin melon and set it aside for 3 weeks. Cut open melon and scoop out seeds from center.

Wikipedia-Piel De Sapo

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