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Tomatoes are to be found in most every backyard garden and pots on patios and porches. But if you ask which tomato variety is the best, your answers will be as varied as the people you ask.

It is left to preference and what you intend to do with your tomatoes. To those with short growing seasons the Early Girl Hybrid tomato, with its early harvest, good size and great taste, is a staple. Beefmaster hybrid tomatoes are a perennial tomato seed favorite for their large size and good taste. Perfect for those looking for a tomato to slice and fit a sandwich to perfection. Garden tomato seeds that are growing in popularity among gardeners are Heirlooms.  Noted for their singular taste, history and their ability to reproduce true through collected tomato seeds, they are sought despite their lower production in some cases. Brandywine is commonly known as one of the very best tasting and thus one of the most popular Heirloom seed varieties.

These are only a few tomato seeds, but whichever variety you choose for your own home tomato garden there are some tips for growing them well. When planting tomato seeds, plant them deeply.  Roots will be produced along the stem resulting in better nutrient uptake and more stability for the tomato plant itself. The rule of thumb is that you plant the tomatoes up to their first true leaves. It is also important to water them evenly as uneven watering will result in blossom end rot, soft brown spots on the bottoms of the fruit.

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