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Annie Oakley Okra Seeds

  • Annie Oakley Orkra Seeds

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Product Description

Annie Oakley Okra Seeds

1 Gram Packet: approx seed count=20

Annie Oakley Okra is a quick growing and high yield okra variety. The fruits stay tender long past the prime picking time and the plant branches abundantly. The perfect choice for a short growing season.

  • Hibiscus esculentus
  • 80% Germination rate
  • 50 days from plant until harvest
  • 99% Pure
  • Country of Origin: USA
Planting instructions:Annie Oakley Okra should be planted when the soil has warmed to above 65 F or else it will not germinate. Soak seeds in warm water overnight before you plant them to boost germination. Plant several seeds in hills and thin out weaker plants as the seedlings begin to grow. In areas with shorter growing seasons Annie Oakley seeds should be started inside 6-7 weeks before the last frost. Harden seedlings through gradual exposure before transplanting.

Planting Depth Seed Spacing Row Spacing Germination Temperature Germination Time in Days Average Planting Dates Seeds per foot row Spacing after Thinning Days to maturity
1" Hills 12-24" apart 24" 60-100 10-20 3/15-6/1 3-4 per hill 1 per hill 55

Care: Water well and protect from the cold.

Harvesting: Pick Annie Oakley okra pods while they are still small and tender. Sometimes daily picking may be required. Harder pods are not as suitable for eating and cooking.

Nutritional Value:Good source of Vitamins:C, B9 & Magnesium.

Collecting Seed: Select dry long healthy pods and remove seeds when pods have dried completely. Store Annie Oakley okra seeds in a cool, dry area.

More Information:Wikipedia-Okra

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