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Broad Windsor Fava Bean Seeds

  • Broad Windsor Fava Bean Seeds

Product Description

Broad Windsor Fava Bean Seeds

40 Gram Packet: approx seed count=24

The Broad Windsor fava bean plant is upright and bears black and white flowers and large bean pods. Each pods grows to around 7 inches and yields 5 or 6 large flat beans. Fava beans have a unique flavor from other beans. The young pods can be eaten fresh or the beans can be left to dry and eaten as shell beans. The plants can grow anywhere from 1-6 feet tall.

  • Vicia faba
  • 85% Germination rate
  • 120-150 days from plant until harvest
  • 99% Pure
  • Country of Origin: USA
Planting instructions:Fava beans should be planted as soon as possible in the spring, such as during February to April, or planted in the fall to overwinter in warmer areas. The seeds and plants can take weather as cold as 20 F. Soaking fava bean seeds in warm water overnight can help germination.
Planting Depth Seed Spacing Row Spacing Germination Temperature Germination Time in Days Average Planting Dates Seeds per foot row Spacing after Thinning Days to maturity
1-2" 6-8" 24-36" 70-85 6-10 2/15-4/20 4 Do not thin 120-150

Care:Be sure to plant fava beans in fertile soil. Water well during warm spells. Control weeds with cultivation or mulch.

Harvesting: Pull entire plant once lower pods are dry and upper pods are fully developed. Shell beans before cooking or eating.

Nutritional Value: Fava beans are a rich source of minerals and vitamins with high fibre and low calorie benefits.

Collecting Seed: Allow healthy fava bean pods to grow until they turn black, then remove the pods and collect the seeds. Plants will cross pollinate if planted near other varieties.


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