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Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seeds

  • Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seeds

Product Description

Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seeds

1/2 Gram Packet: approx seed count=100

The Copenhagen Market cabbage is a heavy yield plant that comes early. The cabbage heads are solid and keep well. The head grows up to 8" across.

  • Brassica oleracea var. capitata
  • 85% Germination rate
  • 70 days until harvest
  • 99% Pure
  • Country of Origin: USA
Planting instructions:Five or six weeks before last frost start Copenhagen cabbage seeds indoors using potting soil mixture. Harden plants for seven days before planting by setting them outdoors during the day. Copenhagen cabbage plants like sunny locations. Do not plant in same place as previous year to minimize diseases. Firm soil over the seeds and keep moist.
Planting Depth Seed Spacing Row Spacing Germination Temperature Germination Time in Days Average Planting Dates Seeds per foot row Spacing after Thinning Days to maturity
1/4-1/2" 1" 18-24" 40-85 5-14 3/15-5/1 12 12-24" 70

Care: Keep free of weeds and water regularly. Protect Copenhagen cabbage from insects

Harvesting: Cut just above the lowest leaves and harvest when the head is firm. Continue to water and a second head(s) will form. The secondary Copenhagen heads are very sweet and delicious. Cut and harvest when this new head(s) is about 2-3 inches in size.

Nutritional Value:A valuable source of Vitamins: C & U.

Collecting Seed:Biennial plant that produces a seed stalk the second year. Selected roots need to be kept cool and moist. Protect first year roots from winter freezing by burying in sand or leaving it in ground covered with heavy mulch. Copenhagen Seed heads form after summer growth. When seeds have matured and partially dried on the seed stalk, gather the seed before it falls to the ground. Complete the drying process at room temperature. Store Copenhagen cabbage seeds in a cool, dry area.


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